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With the economy in a slump, most businesses suffer. Transportation business is one of the few sectors that doing well right now and are projected to perform in the future. Truck drivers rank among top 10 most sought after employees. No matter how bad the economy, the trucks still need to bring food and all other items to stores near you. This is the reason why becoming a truck driver is your best bet.

Wolf Driving School has excellent connections with trucking companies such as:

  • Schneider National
  • K&D Transportation
  • Trans-Am Trucking
  • Roehl
  • KLP Transport
  • Dragon Star

+ more!

Wolf Driving School will not only help you obtain a CDL, we will also help you find a job. Many of our students receive job contracts even before graduation. Call us today so we can get you rolling right away!

Hassle-free Job Placement Program – You get the freedom of choice and control of your future.

CDL Job placement program

We offer the opportunity to meet with many recruiters. Unlike companies which train you and require you to work for them for prolonged period of time claiming that the training is “free.” In many situations, the training turns out not to be so “free” since you get the payment for your training deducted from the paycheck. Moreover, if you find a different company that offers you more or simply fits your expectations better, it may be difficult to switch either because of job contract or outstanding financial liability for the training provided to you, which is much more money compared to independent school. Our mission is to present many opportunities and expose you to many options. Whether you have some particular company on your mind, want to start a transportation business, or simply change your career, we would be happy to get you started in the trucking field. Our school encourages research and we want to help you do the homework required for a headache free start.

Also, it turns out that the money you invest in training at Wolf Driving School can return to back to you. Many of the companies which are looking to hire our graduates offer sign-up bonuses and tuition reimbursements on clear terms.

In addition, it is not true that you may have a problem finding a job after school. We will be happy to help you with application process and provide you with information about different companies. The best part is that you may receive pre-hire letters from companies, which is equivalent to promise of hiring you right after graduation. Over many years in business we have gathered lots of job offers, and information from wide variety of trucking companies. In addition, since we put quality of training as our priority, we constantly receive new offers from companies looking to hire our graduates.

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Get your Commercial Driver's License in minimum 160 hours and start earning money.

Our schedules are designed to be flexible for the student. We offer job placement. We want you not only to pass the exam but to be successful, safe, and confident behind the wheel.

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“I really appreciate everyone in the yard and class for helping me get thru it is hard
but with Wolf school I pass all test and got My CDL”
Hector, Google User

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