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Teenage Driving Instruction

teen-driving-classesThe State of Illinois and the DMV require that any teenager who wants a Driver’s License must take a special training course, which is taught in two parts. The first part is Driver Education, which involves learning the laws and techniques that are necessary for safe driving. We offer Driver Education in a convenient, DMV-approved classroom program. The Second DMV requirement is behind-the-wheel driver training, which includes driving with a professional driving instructor.

Classroom Education

We understand that many families have busy schedules, so we offer classes at various times to accommodate the needs of our students. We offer a DMV-approved program that is thorough, interactive, and engaging. Not all Driver Education is the same. Our program covers the basics, while giving our students the knowledge and confidence to get behind the wheel.

Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

The State of Illinois requires that a student must receive a minimum of 6 hours behind-the-wheel training from a DMV-licensed driving school. We offer a specific curriculum for each lesson that goes far beyond what is in the DMV test. We include basic fundamentals of driving; which, include techniques for turning, backing, lane changes, residential and city intersections, managing traffic, parallel and hill parking, u-turns, developing safe vision habits and space management skills. Beyond the basics, we also help new drivers to develop defensive driving skills, freeway vision techniques and strategies, stable speed in heavy traffic, and a fuel-efficient driving style.

Get your Commercial Driver's License in minimum 160 hours and start earning money.

Our schedules are designed to be flexible for the student. We offer job placement. We want you not only to pass the exam but to be successful, safe, and confident behind the wheel.

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“I really appreciate everyone in the yard and class for helping me get thru it is hard
but with Wolf school I pass all test and got My CDL”
Hector, Google User

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